The Italian cooperative movement plays an important role in the country’s economy and society, however, the many unique features that distinguish the cooperative enterprises are still little known. The Legacoop Area Studi (made up of the Centro Studi Legacoop and CRM), through research carried out on its own initiative and also arising from the many needs of Legacoop (The National League of Cooperatives and Mutuals), aims at raising the general awareness of the cooperative experience and, as well, providing a concrete springboard and support for thinking and debate on the economic and social aspects of Italy. It also monitors the trends, changes and new developments and horizons for the cooperative enterprises.

Francesco Linguiti, researcher for Centro Studi from 2003. He has a Bachelor in Economics from the University of “Sapienza” Rome, majoring in Economic Policies. He also carried out an internship in accountancy and auditing, in collaboration with two cooperative finance groups – CFI and SCS Consulting. Since 2013, he has been a teacher on the Masters in Cooperative Enterprises at the Roma Tre University. He has been the author of economic articles published in university journals and reports for different research centers.
Francesco Linguiti – Centro Studi Legacoop – f.linguiti@legacoop.coop

Andrea Cori researcher for Centro Studi from 2018. He is also co-founder of the slow-journalism magazine of the community “Il Ventriloco”. He has previously worked as a researcher-intern for CIRIEC- Belgium and Roma Tre University. He has published essays and articles on issues related to cooperatives and the social economy, the study on development models for Latin American indigenous cultures and the sustainable management of water resources.
Andrea Cori – Centro Studi Legacoop – a.cori@legacoop.coop

Mattia Granata, President of Centro Studi and Administrator of the I. Barberini Foundation. He has held positions in different public and private entities. He has published various books and essays, particularly on Italian economic and political history. He is also a lecturer in the History of Labor at Milan University.
Mattia Granata – Centro Studi Legacoop – m.granata@legacoop.coop